As a Peace Corps volunteer, part of my job is to consciously look for the needs in my community. Having no peer educator in Korovou, I have recognized the need to get important health information to youth specifically! Recently, I have been accompanying the nursing staff at the Korovou Hospital and educating the youth in different communities […]

Could you live without electricity? When asked this particular question two years ago, I followed it with a million more questions. The list was exhaustive, and ranged from matters including: how to charge my phone, cook my food, bathe, and even see at night. These questions haunted me, for I truly could not fathom a […]

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Nasautoka Village’s Eco-Tourism Project, where the village youth welcomed various travelers from around the world by introducing them to their Fijian culture. The experience allowed visitors to partake in a traditional welcome ceremony, ride on a bilibili (raft) down the river which is their main […]


Signing up for the Peace Corps means facing the good and the bad, and experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And while we all pray for a smooth-sailing service, there will inevitably be life events that will be entirely out of your control. Some blows will be small, and others will […]

When I received my invitation to the Peace Corps, I truly believed that the people whom I loved and cared about would still be there when I got back. Unfortunately, what I failed to realize is that life has its own plan and own schedule. For when my mother called the evening on February 28th, 2017, I knew that one of those people […]

Diving into a society where gender norms differ vastly from those back in America can make for a difficult transition for female volunteers. As Americans, we have been raised in a society that continually strives for gender equality, and where women are now excelling in positions that were once uncharted territory. While this is one […]