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Who Run the World, Girls.

After almost a month of bad weather and conflicting schedules, we finally did it! I am so excited to announce that the Korovou Methodist Women’s Group finished their “Economic independence is the Key to Women’s Empowerment” program, fully funded by Let Girls learn. We were lucky enough to have Westpac Bank provide a session on […]

Adventuring Through Fiji

After 6 months of dedication to service, skills and physical activity, here are my students undergoing their adventurous journey, starting from Ra and finishing in the Naitasiri province. I am so proud of them for all their work and dedication, for this journey was nothing short of challenging. What is not pictured below are the […]

A Sweet and Sour Treat

Today is the day I finally stumbled across the sweet and sour treat I have been waiting for – starfruit or wee wee (meaning sour in Fijian). This tropical fruit is truly unique and an incredibly nutritious snack that contains: dietary fiber, Vitamin B and C, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. I am a huge fan of this fruit, as any kind of sweet and […]

The Nasautoka Way

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Nasautoka Village’s Eco-Tourism Project, where the village youth welcomed various travelers from around the world by introducing them to their Fijian culture. The experience allowed visitors to partake in a traditional welcome ceremony, ride on a bilibili (raft) down the river which is their main […]