The Final Stretch

The day has finally come, where I received the attached email reading “Group 92 Closing of Service Letter”. I cannot hold back my excitement, or fib, for I am as overcome with emotion as I was the day I received my invitation to serve.

My experience has been a drastic roller coaster where I at times lost focus of my initial reasons for why I joined the Peace Corps, but receiving this official letter is a testament that my resilience and perseverance has carried me through to the final phase. And while many of you may confuse being a Peace Corps volunteer in the Pacific Islands as Posh Corps, I will put an end to such myths that it has been a stress-free walk on the beach. For I do not live near the beach, nor do I have a consistent diet of fruit and seafood. I have moved sites, experienced a Category 5 cyclone, been medevaced, lived without electricity, battled the full umbrella of emotions in a single day, lost a deeply loved one, and struggled to find purpose. But through it all, I have also traveled across the world, overcome hardships, integrated into a vastly different culture and community, made lifelong friends and memories, and have had an experience of a lifetime. Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji was (and is) an incredible adventure, but with receiving my Closing of Service letter, I am enthusiastic to transition back into my new, old kind-of normal.


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