Church Going People

For us, the Westernized non-going church era, it is hard to imagine integrating church into our daily routine. With devoting our mornings to setting our intention, engaging 20151003_215915257_iOSourselves in daily meditations and attending weekly yoga sessions, it is as if we have deemed church going as something of the past and replaced it with a strong sense of
spirituality. However, for many around the globe attending church or any house of worship is not any activity that one chooses to so easily opt out of. Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji, I have found this to be especially true for regions in the S. Pacific. However, you may already be well aware of the prominent role religion plays in
the everyday lives of the iTaukei people, especially if you too have a friend or family member serving as a volunteer in Fiji. As I am sure they have informed you that Siga Tabu, or Sunday, always consists of two ‘two hour or so’ church services, intercepted by a large feast and a long rest.

Attached below are pictures of a typical Sunday


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