Electricity, What’s That?

Could you live without electricity?

When asked this particular question two years ago, I followed it with a million more questions. The list was exhaustive, and ranged from matters including: how to charge my phone, cook my food, bathe, and IMG_4358even see at night. These questions haunted me, for I truly could not fathom a life without electricity. In fact, I still sometimes ask these same questions as I throw a small fit alone in my house, surrounded by nothing but candlelight. However, this once hypothetical situation has now become my day-to-day reality. And while it may not be ideal, going without my phone or computer for a couple of days, discarding my leftover food, taking cold bucket bath showers, or going to bed at an earlier time is truly not the end all be all. Yes, sometimes it can be irritating, especially on those ‘nothing went my way’ days, but I didn’t sign up for the Peace Corps expecting it to be sunshine and roses all the time.


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