My Saving Grace

Signing up for the Peace Corps means facing the good and the bad, and experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And while we all pray for a smooth-sailing service, there will inevitably be life events that will be entirely out of your control. Some blows will be small, and others will knock you down day after day, regardless of the convenience. However, how you choose to respond to the hard times is up to you.

Here are a few of my saving grace coping mechanisms that continually soothe my soul and bring me back to a state of equilibrium.

1.       Morning Exercise – Starting off the day with simple exercises helps let go of built up stress.

2.       Relaxing Patterns – Devoting 30 minutes to relax and unwind, I find creating an image encourages me to find my center and enter a calming state of mind. Add good music and a cup of hot coffee, and you’re good to go!

3.       Blogging & Journaling – Blogging is my number one stress reliever. It allows me to unleash my thoughts (good and bad) in a healthy way, put things in perspective, and make sense of all the chaos in my life.

4.       Face Masks – After a long day where nothing seems to go right, a face masks never disappoints. I use Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.

5.       End Anxiety App – Suffering from anxiety, this 30-minute application instantly puts me to bed and allows me to get a good night’s sleep.


This is not an extensive list, but instead my favorite and most effective coping mechanisms throughout my time serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.


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