Kindergarten Learning Center Project

Six months ago, as I approached my second year serving in Fiji as a Peace Corps volunteer, I sat in my room with the thought that “Before I go, I must do something for my community”.

Now, six months later, on February 13, 2017 … Great news!

Our small, rural town of Korovou is so proud to announce that the Korovou Methodist Kindergarten Learning Center Project has taken off running! Through the newly established Library, Arts and Crafts, Music, Science, Dramatic Play, Puzzles, and Blocks Center, this diverse group of learners now have the necessary tools to grow and learn about themselves, while being in a positive environment that promotes learning.

Big Vinaka Vakalevu to Friends of Fiji, the Ministry of Education, and the community for making this a reality for our school children here in Korovou!

Here are pictures of the progress throughout these last months.









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  1. Lisa Mahoney · · Reply

    Congratulations Julieanne! Your school looks fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed following your journey. Thanks for sharing your story. You are doing a fabulous job in Fiji !! Lisa Mahoney (Katie’s Mom)


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