Away for the Holidays as a Peace Corps Volunteer

I have recently been contacted by many individuals interested in joining the Peace Corps about how holidays are in my host country or country of service, and how I cope with being away from my home during the holidays.

The holidays are truly what you make them. They can be your lowest or your highest point in service. For I have experienced both ends of the spectrum.

You can spend the holidays any way you choose. You can spend it with locals or peace corps volunteers. You can stay at site, make your way back to your host village, take a vacation, or even use annual leave and travel back to the states.

However you choose to spend your holidays, I strongly suggest that you rid your mind of the belief that


Spending time in my community, sharing Thanksgiving traditions of coloring Easter Eggs and Easter egg hunts.

holidays will be similar to the previous holidays spent in America. You are no longer in America; and therefore, your holiday experience will not be the typical American holiday. Instead, you will learn to celebrate Christmas Fijian style, introduce and share with members of your community a holiday completely new to them (Thanksgiving), or create and embrace an entirely new way of spending your holidays amongst your fellow volunteers who become your new peace corps family.


Here are pictures spending New Years 2017 camping with volunteers. One of my top rated New Years, and a definite high point in my service.





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