Natadradave, Where Miracles Happen

Natadradave is a village in the Dawasamu region of the Tailevu North Province, an area that was deeply affected by Cyclone Winston on February 20th, 2016. And while much aid was provided to assist the villagers in re-establishing a life for themselves, a miracle in any form would have been greatly welcomed. So when villagers started going to the ‘healing waters’ in Natadradave, claiming that the blind could now see, the cripled could now walk, and the sick were now healed, imagine the sort of response that it circulated locally and internationally. In fact, there was so much hype that individuals from all walks of life made the trek to experience a miracle for themselves here at the Natadradave Springs. Especially when the village has made this site accessible for all, kindly requesting that visitors do not donate any money or gifts of any kind, as it is believed that the water may lose its miracle. After being on the receiving side of all the fascinating stories, I have finally been able to experience this sacred site for myself.

If people are getting healed from that water then why disturb it.. One of the famous doctrines is that above all, do not do harm – As stated by Doctor Joe Koroivueta in the Fiji Times

Side note: For all you skeptics out there who question the healing qualities of the Natadradave water, due to Fiji’s Water Authority recent tests, you can at least be certain that if nothing else the water is clean and safe for drinking.

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