Remember Your Purpose

In Pre-Service Training, we were repeatedly told that throughout our service, the single most important piece of information to hold onto is your purpose. We were warned, and warned again, of the extreme highs and lows that we would be facing.ย  Times where we’d be down and may find ourselves asking “What is my purpose?”.

As today marks my one year of service, I finally understand the importance of this question.IMG_8680
I have faced months of happiness, followed by a day or week of extreme hardship. Times of complete isolation and feeling of worthlessness. Times I’ve compared my service to those of fellow volunteers. And just times where I wished I was surrounded by the familiar, whether it be good food, friends or family. And while I will tell you that the good times really are good times, these lows that you encounter along the way are accompanied with uncertainty and confusion.ย  But I sit here, without electricity, and find myself asking “What was my purpose of coming here?”.

I came here to make people smile, to make them laugh, to bring joy to their life. I dedicated two years of my life to be a light to those in times of desperation. To exchange culture. To be put into a situation where I would be forced to be independent in a situation where I will be continually tested and pushed so far outside of my comfort zone.




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