First Post Here in Fiji!

First off, sorry for not post the whole almost 2 months of being in Fiji. Not only is internet expensive, it is also very shoty and a luxury if you can make it through a FaceTime call! 

I am staying in Savu village with a host family that include my na (mom) that is really my grandma, my ta that is really my grandpa, host sister Lani and her husband Mesa. I call my grandparents my na and ta because I am actually living with them. My host sister and her husband actually live in the house right next us, and immediate and extended family surrounding.

Here are a few things that I have encountered since being in Fiji:

1. First night in my host family I walked into the shower and there was a spider the size of my palm just sitting and waiting for me. 

2. When I first met my na she came up and gave me a huge hug and a couple rather large sniffs- as a sign of endearment. 

3. I grated a coconut.

4. I take a bucket bath every morning- sometimes hot,sometimes cold.

5. I get woken up by toa (chicken) every single morning around 3am and 6am. My family owns chicken, so they are always right outside my window and underneath my house. 

6. I told my na I love chicken and she said “hold on” and came back holding a chicken by its’ neck and feet. I had it in my curry the next day… 

7. I found an ovary in that curry…

8. My na says “Oh, you’re getting fat!” in many different contexts, multiple times a day. 

9. A cockroach dropped on my head.

10. I gave a presentation on Teamwork in Savu for Methodist Youth Week.

Those are just a couple of things that have happened to me since being here in Savu. I will update everyone when I get the chance! 


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