Throughout my service I have noticed that portrayed on television and billboards, Fijians are often falsely depicted, with light skin and long wavy hair. Now this is not to say that no Fijian has light skin and wavy hair, but this is not the norm. For those of you back home whom have wondered, “What do Fijians look like?”, here are […]

This past week our school, Tailevu North College, held a bazaar to raise money for their next project- Staff Housing. These are some pictures of our students thanking the donors for supporting their efforts in saving +$5,000fjds and for the guests generous donations. Below, the students are performing a sevusevu, where they present a gift of yaqona to […]

Today is the day I finally stumbled across the sweet and sour treat I have been waiting for – starfruit or wee wee (meaning sour in Fijian). This tropical fruit is truly unique and an incredibly nutritious snack that contains: dietary fiber, Vitamin B and C, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. I am a huge fan of this fruit, as any kind of sweet and […]

The day has finally come, where I received the attached email reading “Group 92 Closing of Service Letter”. I cannot hold back my excitement, or fib, for I am as overcome with emotion as I was the day I received my invitation to serve. My experience has been a drastic roller coaster where I at […]

For us, the Westernized non-going church era, it is hard to imagine integrating church into our daily routine. With devoting our mornings to setting our intention, engaging ourselves in daily meditations and attending weekly yoga sessions, it is as if we have deemed church going as something of the past and replaced it with a […]

As a Peace Corps volunteer, part of my job is to consciously look for the needs in my community. Having no peer educator in Korovou, I have recognized the need to get important health information to youth specifically! Recently, I have been accompanying the nursing staff at the Korovou Hospital and educating the youth in different communities […]

Could you live without electricity? When asked this particular question two years ago, I followed it with a million more questions. The list was exhaustive, and ranged from matters including: how to charge my phone, cook my food, bathe, and even see at night. These questions haunted me, for I truly could not fathom a […]